Each product is designed and made in Italy by using top-quality materials for homogeneous performance and constant efficiency all over the time.
Special attention is paid to keep and improve the points of strength of the products, such as functionality and practicality, for maintenance reduced to a minimum and management of low costs.

Functionality, design and innovation

Rigo® offers everything you need for spray painting; Choose among our product categories those that suit your needs at best

<p><strong>Spray Guns HVLP - LVLP</strong></p><br/>

Spray Guns HVLP - LVLP

The pluses of our spray guns:

  • Top-range performances
  • Extremely wide range of regulation
  • High product transfer
<p><strong>Turbines HVLP</strong></p><br/>

Turbines HVLP

Rigo can offer you 6 different turbines

  • Light and compact
  • Having a unique and distinguishing design
  • Conceived to apply a wide range of covering products
<p>Painting stations HVLP</p><br/>

Painting stations HVLP

Equipped at best to allow a comfortable and efficient painting job with considerable working range. Ideal for application indoor and outdoor

<p><strong>Machinery HVLP</strong></p><br/>

Machinery HVLP

Rigo machinery make use of HVLP advantages and all the more they distinguish themselves by:

  • Great autonomy
  • Great freedom of movement
  • Reduction in waste
<p><strong>Accessories HVLP-LVLP</strong><br /><br/>&nbsp;</p><br/>

Accessories HVLP-LVLP

Versatile and economic, they are of great help under all difficult circumstances

<p><strong>PU Foam guns since 1983</strong></p><br/>

PU Foam guns since 1983

A complete range of products for all needs. From the amatuer applicator to the insulation professional, we have the suitable gun that can be configured for all needs

<p>HP guns</p><br/>

HP guns

RIGO’s brilliant return to HP technology

  • Passione
  • Evoluzione 
  • Esperienza 
<p>Linea Sanitary</p><br/>

Linea Sanitary

4 soluzioni per sanificare, igienizzare e disinfettare ogni ambiente.

  • Livello 1: amatoriale
  • Livello 2: professionale base
  • Livello 3: Professionale per superfici di media grandezza
  • Livello 4: professionale per grandi ambienti