Fields of application

Find out numerious possibilities of application

Rigo products are perfectly suitable for

  • Sanitization

    Application Field:  : offices, workshops, shops, sanitary facilities, vehicles, sport centers, Stadiums, fitness centers, swimming pools, shopping centers, worship places, schools ect..

    Covering Material:  each model is suitable for the application of most of the products sold on the market

  • Navigation


    Application field: Craft and surf boards

    Covering materials: Antfouling paints, coatings and filler


  • Body and garage works

    Application field: body and automobile parts

    Covering materials: primers, rust preventers, varnishes for motorcars

    Body and garage works
  • Building


    Application field: roofs, external fronts, walls (flat interiors), stairs, terraces and balcones, garage doors

    Covering materials: primers, water paints, multicolor


  • Joinery

    Application field: furniture, wardrobes, planks, boards and splines. Floors, doors and window frames.Wicker and rattan furniture.

    Covering materials: antifouling paints, lacquers, dyestuffs, coatings, fillers and primers


  • Carpentry


    Application field: metal enclosures, gates,rails, bearing structures, latticework and radiators

    Covering materials: primers, rust preventers, varnishes

  • Other spray painting application fields

    Other application fields:

    Miniatures, toys, garden and all fields where it is possible to spray liquids or where it is necessary to provide for a spray decoration

    Other spray painting application fields


We do not authorize the use of our machines with alcohol-based products, ethers or other dangerous, highly flammable volatile liquid components.


Workable covering materials

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