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Our questions

  • What does "STAGE" of a turbine mean?

    The stage of a turbine can be compared to a fan moving an air flow. When speed increases, the air flow is also increasing. Let us assume that the fan speed is at the maximum. How can we further increase the flow? By adding a second fan near the first one so that it can work in sequence with it, thus doubling the flow. The more stages you add, the more air flow is developed.

  • What are the advantages of a three-stage turbine compared to a two-stage one?

    A 3-stage turbine can deliver a higher pressure. As a matter of fact, the increase in bar/psi will break the particles of the covering product into smaller drops, thus achieving a better and more precise finish. The advantage also results in the possibility of spraying thicker products with a correct dilution and without any waste. Moreover, you can move more rapidly on a surface compared to a turbine with a lower pressure since paint can flow better. A 2-stage turbine requires more know-how and experience in order to achieve the same results of a 3-stage turbine.




  • When should the filters of a turbine be replaced?

    You shall always check the filters of a turbine before starting any work in order to achieve maximum efficiency. If they are dirty, they shall be replaced.
    Attention, not replacing filters causes the engine get burnt not being able to “breath”. This problem is being found regarding all types of the existing turbines for painting.